Don’t Be Like the Early Auditions for American Idol…Instead, Listen for Confirmation

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Want to know if God is up to something in a particular area of your ministry? Listen for confirmation. Notice, I didn’t say seek confirmation because often people will tell you what they think you will want to hear or smooth things over instead of hit you with the truth. If you watch American Idol you know exactly what I am talking about. You begin to wonder if this person has ever asked any other person in the world if they had any talent singing and just ignored them all. If you are going to seek confirmation, make sure you get it from people close to you who really care about you but also from people whose number one agenda is not placating your ego and tell them to be straight with you. Listen to what they tell you and take it seriously.

If you are wondering if God wants you to be involved in something new or dive into a new area or a new focus…test the waters and see if other people are noticing what God is up to and give you confirmation. Do other people see it? Do they get it? Is it obvious that some really great things are happening…or is it just your own wishful thinking or desire to want it to be good that has blinded you into thinking a part of your ministry is better than it really is or that God has gifted you in a given area. I have noticed the times looking back that I think God really wanted me to take a certain direction, he put people in my path who confirmed it.

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