Review: Logos 10 Reformed Bible Study Software

Logos Bible study software is a platform that allows you to build a digital library of books and tools to study the Bible. This software has been indispensable to my Bible study for years. As much as I love holding a physical book in my hands I can study far more efficiently and purchase books […]

Defining a Miracle

One question that comes up a lot when we talk about whether or not miracles still happen is to define “miracle.” That is a great question to ask because if we say miracle but mean different things then we talk past each other. Here are a few definitions from various Bible dictionaries…even these will show […]

The Cracks Are Showing In American Christianity (10 things to do)

If you found an antique car in a barn and purchased it for an amazing price, would you rather pour time and countless amounts of money restoring it or would you rather sell it, take the profit, and get something new? The restoration process wouldn’t guarantee that it would be successful. You can try and […]

You Will Only See the Miracle If you Believe It Is Possible?

Seeing is believing, they say, but not with miracles. There are people who see miracles who deny it. Just ask Jesus! And if people denied it when Jesus, who they could see, did a miracle, how are people going to react when God, who we cannot see, does a miracle? We have to have the […]

The Verse that Cured My Legalist Christian Beliefs

For many years, my in-ness or out-ness varied moment by moment…even second by second based on how well I performed the Legalist dance. That is until I ran into this verse and it got me all tied up in knots… “If we say that we have fellowship with him while we are walking in darkness, […]

Why Christianity Fights Against Accountability

Do you know why churches struggle with accountability? How preachers can do all kinds of crazy stuff and go unchecked for years…it is because we took a page from worldly leadership. That’s why. There is no accountability in Washington.There seems to be little to no accountability in major corporations (could be wrong on that – […]

House Church & Flexibility to Follow the Spirit’s Lead

One of the things I love about house church is the ability to be flexible because the Spirit doesn’t move in a straight line. It is hard to turn a big ship but a small ship can be turned at a moment’s notice. When you organize “Big church” worship everything needs to be planned and […]

Discipling Your Own Kids – 3 Principles

If you disciple anyone, make sure to disciple your own kids. This is easy to overlook but absolutely essential. Unfortunately we created a discipleship pipeline for our children that doesn’t work. We act like it works but it doesn’t work to raise mature disciples. I am talking about the drop-off youth ministry hamster wheel. Not […]

Swiss Army Knife Discipleship: Don’t Overcomplicate It!

Simple is repeatable. Complex is not. Never forget it. If your process for making disciples has a million components that tries to fix every possible issue you have a model that starts and stops with you. No one will be able to pick it up and run with it. You want your approach to be […]

Take the Step – A God Story

Last year, I really wanted to do my first discipleship training group. I am not talking about a discipleship group but a day of training people to be a reproducible disciple maker. But I had a problem – I hadn’t ever done this before! That may not be a problem for you but with my […]