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There is Glory in the Waiting – Why God Rarely Tells us the “When”

As I was reflecting on the start of Advent and the anticipation of awaiting the coming Messiah it occurred to me that in both Jesus’ first coming and His second God gave the people the what (Messiah is coming) and the where (Bethlehem) but rarely the when. When the magi spoke with Herod that theyContinue Reading

Why I Left Legalism

The more I reflected on my spiritual journey the more I have realized that my legalism wasn’t rooted in the conservative nature of the churches I grew up in. I was more of a legalist than the preachers I grew up hearing. My legalism grew out of my own desire for assurance and certainty. ThisContinue Reading

What if Knowledge Wasn’t Enough?

I love to study. Reading and retaining information is my sweet spot. I believe God wants us to be in His word. I believe He wants us to seek out the truth from what He has revealed to us. To what end? It cannot be truth for truth’s sake or knowledge for knowledge’s sake. PaulContinue Reading

Our Problem Is Not How We Read the Bible…Our Problem is Something Deeper…Idolatry

I love learning. It is one reason I spent so much time in school. Memorizing information and regurgitating it wasn’t hard for me. Analyzing information and synthesizing things into coherent wholes also came easy for me. My propensity is to lean into my intellect. This makes the Church of Christ a natural fit for me.Continue Reading

Great News At Kingdom Living and Wineskins!

We have been working for some time on a hosting transition and I am excited to say it is now complete! This will make posting articles far easier to do than with our old host and I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you on this platform later this week and in a moreContinue Reading

Do you Come to the Bible To Learn or Confirm?

Studying the word of God can be done in one of two ways. You either start with your conclusions and find them in the scriptures (what is called eisegesis) or start with the text and investigate what it says (exegesis). I have noticed a trend. Those who are most certain about their beliefs tend toContinue Reading

Here Is When You Get To Watch God Work…

You get to watch God work when your plans fail. That’s right…when things don’t go your way, you can most clearly see God at work. Here’s why – if everything goes according to my plan then I can take credit for it. But when my plan falls apart and then I beg God for help,Continue Reading

Is There More to Church Than Livestreaming?

By Carson Reed In a time when so much is changing, the natural thing to do is to reach backward into something from the past. And the sweeping changes that the pandemic brings only heighten that impulse. In many churches, however, the reality of not going back to 2019 is becoming all the more clearContinue Reading

The Most Important Thing Churches and Christians Can Do Right Now That Will Lead to Revival

It is this – give total control over to God. He has it anyway but sometimes we don’t act like it. Instead, we try to do things our way. We don’t rely on the Holy Spirit or anticipate the Spirit is leading us anywhere or empowering us to do much of anything. When was theContinue Reading

My Last Day as the Preaching Minister At the Auburn Church of Christ

The last few months have been a whirlwind! There really isn’t anyway to overstate how true that is. So many changes, so many adjustments…too many to even begin to try to recount. It was 45 days ago today that we announced that I would be resigning as the preacher at the Auburn Church of Christ.Continue Reading


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