Ever Wonder if Someone Was a Calvinist? Here is the Big List

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Ever wonder if a popular preacher is a Calvinist? The Light Hearted Calvinist has a big list of Calvinists. This guy has done his homework…there is a massive amount of supporting links and explanation involved. Just thought some of you would find this list helpful.

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  1. So help me now – these labels are mind boggling – if I see on a list somewhere that so and so is a Calvinist, or an Arminian, or Pelagist (and I know I messed that word up and every time I saw it I went back to my marine biology days and thought about deep ocean life as the words are similar so I would picture the man from Atlantis and get very sidetracked in whatever idea was being posted)…or whatever title was being given – what am I supposed to glean from knowing that?
    What am I? Can you lay out for me some questions I can ask myself to see if I’m a label? I’d like to call myself a Christian, but seems like there were several points on that link that called that into question….so I put my hope in Christ to cover and save me as he did in baptism many years ago.
    I got lost in the sarcasm about prayer to figure out what the bias about free will is about.
    I noticed President Obama wasn’t on the list. Is that important (ok that was my sarcasm sorry…I still have quite a bit of sarcasm to repent over I’m trying to hand it over).

  2. A list of Calvinist preachers? You mean a list Satan’s co-workers? Best to avoid every name on that list as though your eternity depended on it, because it does.

    Patricia, Ottawa (Canada)

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