DBS Scripture List – Jesus




This DBS Scripture List contains 5 DBS scripture lists (67 scriptures total) on the ministry of Jesus as well as the DBS questions. The idea with DBS is to be able to study the Bible anytime, anywhere with just one scripture/passage to plug into the question list. Here is what the 5 Lists cover:

Who Is Jesus?
– Gospel of Mark
– 15 Scriptures

Miracles of Jesus
– Gospel of Matthew
– 13 Scriptures

Sermon on the Mount
– Gospel of Matthew
– 15 Scriptures

Teachings of Jesus
– Gospel of John
– 16 Scriptures

The Prayers of Jesus
– The words Jesus prayed in the gospels
– 8 Scriptures

Feel free to download this and use however you like, print, etc. It is all open handed with no strings attached. If you would like to join our email list you can do that when you donwload it but you don’t have to. Thanks for looking and God bless you in your studies.



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