eBook – Becoming an Effective Disciple Maker




People often ask where to start in making disciples and for the longest time I had a hard time knowing where to point them to. So I took some time to lay out an approach that is based on best practices of disciple makers who have made a tremendous impact (Shodankeh Johnson, Curtis Sergeant, Bobby Harrington, Jim Putman, and others). God has blessed me to learn so much from these effective disciple makers and we are putting these things into practice locally.

This guide walks you through a nine step process of reproducible disciple making. That means you are making disciples who then know how to make disciples. It is modeled after Jesus’ approach and his both simple and practical. This guide will teach you skills that will help you along the way and walk you down a path to bear fruit for the Kingdom. We know there is no perfect cookie cutter approach. This is just a guide. The most important thing is that you are growing in your faith in Christ, listening to Him and following Jesus’ lead.


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