Jesus 101 – A Study of the Gospel of Mark




Who was Jesus? How do we know?

We all have questions. The questions we have about life, eternal life, sin, and salvation are serious questions. The four Gospels that are included in the New Testament are written to address those questions. This booklet is written to help guide you through the Gospel of Mark so that you can learn about Jesus, understand who He is, what He did, and find out what that means for you today. If people want to learn how to follow Jesus it only makes sense that we walk with Jesus and His disciples (followers) through the story of his life.

It is also important that we see this as a story that is taking us somewhere. Mark doesn’t give us all the answers up front. In fact, Jesus even keeps his identity a secret until Mark 8 when Peter makes his confession. It is important that we experience this story and let it unfold in our minds so we can discover exactly who Jesus is and what that means for us.

This study walks through the gospel of Mark and watches as Jesus slowly reveals his true identity. This study is helpful for personal study for someone seeking the truth about Jesus or as an evangelistic Bible study with someone who is seeking.

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Study Outline:

Lesson 1 – The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry (Mark 1-3)
Lesson 2 – Jesus Grows His Disciples (Mark 4-8)
Lesson 3 – Overcoming Opposition (Mark 8-14)
Lesson 4 – New Life Through Christ (Mark 14-16)
Glossary of Terms
Bonus Lesson – Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:20-30)
Further Evidence About Jesus

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