Mark Love Gives Some Preaching Advice Worth Taking

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I just read Mark Love’s post entitled, “A Word (or two) to Young Preachers” where he gives five and one half things young preachers should consider in regard to their preaching. If you preach you should read this whether you are young or old. The first two were his best. It boils down to don’t skim over the text and remember that there is more than one volume (loud) and more than one speed (fast) with which to preach. Can you imagine if you had a conversation with someone where you yelled while speaking extremely fast the whole time? I doubt you would have many friends. Anyway, have a read of his thoughts on preaching.

I have had a question about preaching rattling around in my head for some time that I am going to go ahead and ask. So many young people are opting for para-church ministries rather than being on staff at a church. For those who are choosing to be on church staff fewer and fewer are preaching. It used to be that if you were going to be a minister you were going to be a preacher. It was pretty much a given. That is no longer the case. Young people seem to want to avoid preaching. So here it is…for those of you who have preached for some years give your best shot at how you would try to motivate or encourage a young person to preach? What is it about preaching that keeps you coming back to it or keeps you from doing anything else? That is something we rarely get insight into so here is your chance!

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