Mother Talks About The Blessing of Her Blind Baby Boy

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This is really touching…

I don’t know if it was because I saw this super late at night after a tiring day of working on our bathroom or what but I nearly shed a tear.

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  1. Therein lies the Gospel.
    This is the Story. Our Father loves us more than that mother loves her boy, but his love for us is certainly not LESS than her love. This is the type of thing that I’m talking about when I say there is no “apply” to the Story that God is trying to tell us. There is no “apply” to the story of this woman and her son. One might show this clip and then read the passage (i’m drawing a blank) where God speaks of when he “found” Israel. She was pitiful; not beautiful; and helpless. But he loved her anyways. This is the type of thing that when told by a skilled speaker (which I am not) MOVES people; shapes people; defines people. This is the type of thing people need to hear.

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