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It is impossible to listen…

  1. you don’t have any questions
  2. while you are talking
  3. while you are thinking up your next response while the other person is still talking
  4. if the other person doesn’t have your full attention
  5. while you don’t actually read their words or hear all their words…skimming a comment or 50 comments on social media and then responding is unwise.
  6. if you are more interested in winning than a relationship
  7. if you are distracted
  8. if you don’t care about the other person
  9. if you have predetermined how the conversation is going to turn out and won’t stop until it gets there
  10. if you have to have the last word
  11. if you don’t believe there is a possibility they might teach you something

What else?

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  1. I am guessing on #1 there is an “if” missing on the front? In any event, a good list. It is always helpful to be reminded of the art of listening.

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