Integrity & Stewardship = Clarity

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Integrity brings clarity. It is easiest to see what God is up to once you have cleared the junk out of the way and living with integrity helps clear things out. We cannot expect God to help us see the next step if we don’t care to live in line with Him in the step we are currently on. If you want clarity, live with integrity.


Stewardship brings clarity. Doing the best you can with what God has already provided is the only way to expect God to double your talents. “Checking out” or always waiting around for something to happen brings confusion and despair…not clarity. If you want clarity then focus on what is already going on and give it your best shot. If God is going to reward you it won’t be for burying what He has already handed you. It will either be an act of grace or else it will be for being a good steward (which is still an act of grace…where do you think you get the first talent to begin with?).


Before you think I am saying that we can work our way to clarity…God giving us anything is an act of grace. I do, however, believe that God partners with us in many ways…that it is indeed a relationship we have with the Lord and that relationship means that what each party in that relationship does affects things one way or another.

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