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When I think about the people I admire the most of the words that comes to mind is consistency.

The first kind of consistency that I think it admirable but hard to achieve is a consistency of schedule. There is something about the disciplined and consistent life that is appealing. These are people who don’t let life happen on accident. They know how to plan and do life “on purpose.” I admire people who live lives of consistency because I know just how hard that is to do.

There is another type of consistency I admire that goes beyond consistency of schedule. This is a spiritual identity consistency. These are people who you know exactly who they are, not because they are perfect, but because they try to live life consistent with their faith. The best word I can think of for this type of consistency is faithfulness. These are people who are faithful to God, family and their calling. When they fail, they own up to it. True consistency is not done for show. It is done because it is right. Consistency is admirable and praiseworthy because it isn’t easy.

I don’t think we are all called to the first kind of consistency but I do believe the second is necessary and it doesn’t happen on accident. This kind of consistency takes prayer. It takes discipline and it takes a full reliance on God. People who exhibit this in their lives are people we all need to pay close attention to and imitate.


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  1. This reminds me of something I read last night, by Henri Nouwen: “Our inner life is like a holy space that needs to be kept in good order and well decorated. Prayer, in whatever form, is the way to make our inner room a pace where we can welcome those people who search for God. . . Without prayer and contemplation the walls of our inner room will remain barren, and few will be inspired.”

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