Book Giveaway – Kingdom Come by John Mark Hicks & Bobby Valentine

Time for a book giveaway! One of those opportunities to give back to all of you who read and comment at Kingdom Living. The book is Kingdom Come: Embracing the Spiritual Legacy of David Lipscomb and James Harding by John Mark Hicks & Bobby Valentine. As many of you know Hicks and Valentine are going to be featured authors at the new website that will be launching soon. Also, these giveaways are always funded by the books readers here purchase through my amazon referrals. So the more often you buy your books through Kingdom Living the more often I can give away free books!

Just comment on this post and I will select someone at random tomorrow.


17 Responses to Book Giveaway – Kingdom Come by John Mark Hicks & Bobby Valentine

  1. K. Rex Butts says:

    Ok…since that is the one I’ve not read by Hicks and Valentine.

    Grace and Peace,


  2. Darin Campbell says:

    I’m interested in reading this.


  3. Nick Gill says:

    I already have a copy, but my church library doesn’t!!!

  4. I’m interested! I did a speed read one afternoon at the ACU library, but would love to read it in the way it deserves.

  5. brianbergman says:

    I need to do more reading in the history of the restoration movement.

  6. Philip III says:

    This is a popular one (g)

  7. Mike Ballard says:

    Thanks Matt – I haven’t read this book and would be interested in reading it.

  8. Chris says:

    Pick me. Pick me.
    It does look like a good read!

  9. Thanks! Would love to read it.

  10. Neil says:

    Looks like a good read.

  11. Paul Smith says:

    Really need this for my library, future education, realizing peace in the world and discovering the fountain of youth. Okay, three and four are a stretch, but one and two are legit. Would love to have a copy!

  12. ebster95 says:

    Cool! I didn’t realize you had an Amazon “deal” so I will use that from now on.

  13. Richard Kruse says:

    Can any place be more “random” than Toronto? [:>)

  14. Noel Young says:

    I’d love to read this!

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