Clearing Out Some Books

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We are getting ready for our move out to California. In order to have less boxes to pack I am clearing out some books. If any of you are interested in these please let me know via the comments or just email me – I have priced these around the lowest price on amazon and the prices include shipping. I will be adding more books later.

Gospel Advocate (GA) Commentary on Matthew By Boles $14
GA Commentary on John by Lipscomb – $15
Gospel Advocate commentary on 1 Corinthians By Lipscomb $10
GA Commentary on Ephesians, Philippians & Colossians by Lipscomb – $15
Gospel of Mark & Gospel of Luke by Barclay $15 for both
ACU commentaries on Romans-Philemon (#’s 6-9) – $60
ACU Commentary on 1 & 2 Corinthians by Coffman – $15

Leadership/Church Dynamics
Church next by Eddie Gibbs – $8
Prepare Your Church for the Future by Carl George – $9
Size Transitions in Congregations by Gaede – $8
Why Churches Grow by Flavil Yeakley – $10
Revitalizing the Sunday Morning Dinosaur by Hemphill – $10
A Failure of Nerve By Edwin Friedman $10
76th Annual Harding Lectures (1999) $15
The Advantage by Lencioni

When the Game is Over it all goes back in the box By John Ortberg $10
Transformed Intimacy with God By Fischetto $6
Psalms of Lament by Weems $8

Jack Lewis:
KJV to the NIV (Hardcover) by Jack Lewis $10
As I Remember It (Autobiography) by Jack Lewis $10

Small Groups:
Using the Bible in Groups – $7

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