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A Way to Encourage More Scripture Reading In Your Home

June 11th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

BibleChairOne of the things we want our kids to grow up knowing is that our home is a place where reading scripture is extremely important. An idea hit us that we have put in place, still a work in progress. We decided to add a chair and table in our living room that has an open Bible on it at all times. The thought is, leaving the Bible open is a reminder to us that the Bible is important and needs to be open/read not shut/unread. It is easy to overlook a Bible on a shelf. It is hard to miss this one. The second idea is that it serves as a reminder to us to spend time in that chair, reading that Bible. I do a lot of Bible study with my ministry but not always as much at home with my family. This has encouraged me to get into the Bible more at home. The things we need to work on next is making Bible study a more significant part of our time together as a couple. Do any of you guys have routines that you have used to increase Bible reading in your home, with your kids or with your spouse?


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