Neo-Calvinism, Radical, and David Platt

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A week or so ago a friend of mine asked if I could name one high profile young  (under 45) preachers who was not a neo-calvinist. The only one we could think of was Rob Bell. Can any of you think of any? I am going to read up on this a bit and may dive into that in some future posts.

That brings me to Radical by David Platt. I was introduced to this book at Gulf Coast Getaway. The point that was emphasized about this book at GCG was that we need to be more hungry for God’s Word and that we in the church have often compromised the Word for comfort and hearing things the way we want to hear them. So I thought I would have a listen to someone who seemed to have success in getting people hungry for God’s Word again.

I haven’t finished it yet but I can see the appeal of the book. It is about getting serious about our faith. It involves questioning our way of life. It lays out the need to live a more radical Christianity if we are serious about following Jesus. I bet you saw that radical part coming a mile away, right? Anyway, this book has Neo-Calvinist roots as well. You can find the points of Calvinism in its pages. Honestly, I think it distracted from what has otherwise been an engaging book.

My question for you is more about neo-Calvinism than it is about Radical or David Platt. Why do you think young people are drawn to Neo-Calvinism? Has it exploded in the last decade or have those presenting this view just gotten more dynamic and visible in their approach? More on Radical later because I do believe there are some good points in this book when it comes to our seriousness regarding the Word of God and our need to get back to textual study.

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