Skiing, Life and Ministry

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Someone should have told me that skiing in Gatlinburg 16 years ago doesn’t really count as being an experienced skier. People see faith that way. They think they have a relationship with God based on something from decades ago while little to nothing has been done in the mean time.

We are skiing in Colorado for a couple of days. It has been a blast so far. The hardest thing for me is that I get so cautious that I fight against myself coming and against the mountain. It makes for quite a workout but very tiring skiing. I think faith is like that at times. I wear myself out because I want to go my way and not the way that has already been blazed down the mountain. What is more, there are slow folks who clog up the path to progress. Maybe they are there for a reason too. I am learning that skiing and faith both take patience with others and wisdom to not fight against the obvious path.

Seems like the reasons I am so tired and muscles so fatigued right now are the same reasons many get burned out in ministry. So we pray for God to give us patience and wisdom and then we can better enjoy the ride!

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