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The Restoration Leaders Beat N.T. Wright & Emergening Church To It

January 30th, 2012 · No Comments · Christianity

John Mark Hicks recently blogged about the eschatology of the early Restoration Leaders in a post titled, “Heaven on Earth” – A Stone-Campbell Tradition” In that post Hicks quotes Lipscomb, Harding and Alexander Campbell on the restoration of creation. It seems these guys were picking up on some things that have only recently been popularized by guys like N.T. Wright. Worth a read.

Then he writes another post on the Mission of Christ as David Lipscomb saw it. Hicks writes,

“I am often amazed at how some contemporary writers–missional and emergent–seem to believe that they have embraced a new vision for the mission of God. It also amazes me that some more traditional writers–some Evangelicals and some New Calvinists–regard the missional emphasis as a new understanding of the gospel.  David Lipscomb (1831-1917) reminds us that such emphases are not new.”

If you have a minute go read the Lipscomb quote on the mission of Christ.


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  • James Wood

    I have loved these posts by JMH. It’s a great reminder that the heritage from which we come has great value and the method of approaching scripture will yield the same results across generations.

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