20s & 30s Class – Having Q & A With Older Christians

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Over the last month we have had a series of Question and Answer sessions with older members, elders, and married couples in the congregation. If you teach a 20s & 30s class I would highly recommend trying this for a month. Before you do, it is important to understand our purpose in doing it and what resulted.

We had two main purposes in doing this:

  • The growing disconnect in our churches between the old and young – this helps them get to know older memebers
  • The need for the younger to learn from the older. Often 20s are taught by 20s. That can be good but it can’t be everything.

We had some great results. They got to know the elders of the congregation. They gained perspective on life, love, marriage, family, spirituality/faith, and much more. That is not all. Those who shared in our class also gained something from their time with younger Christians. It was really very mutually encouraging. We are seeing more and more that having an effective Bible class is not about being trendy. It is about doing and teaching things that are biblical, relevant and relational.

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