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What a Great Birthday!

January 31st, 2012 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. I have to say just how blessed I feel right now. My wife spoiled me. My kids spoiled me. My friends spoiled me as did my family. Thanks everybody. We are truly blessed to be part of the family of God. It doesn’t get much better than sitting at the breakfast table, opening cards, and having your wife and three year old sing you happy birthday. Elijah (14 months old) just smiled and took it all in. Not to mention more N.T. Wright, Dallas Willard, and the IVP Dictionary of Paul’s letters coming in the mail!


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  • Jerry Starling


    Should you live to be 100, realize that you are now about to enter the middle third of that century. Does that make you Middle Aged? Of course, if your life expectancy is 75, you entered that middle period a few years back!

    Here’s something else to ponder as you turn 33. In 33 years, Jesus saved the world. What have I done with my 33 years?

    Seriously, congratulations from someone who is more than double your age.

  • tonycook

    Hi Matt that’s good news for both of us, you now no longer are half my age.
    Happiness is something we become accustomed to living in the knowledge of God, but Happy Birthday anyway.
    Btw thanks for telling us about Dallas Willard’s book on Hearing God, it’s all you’d expect from Dallas. You can get it instantly as a Kindle book from Amazon and even if you don’t have a Kindle, which I don’t, you can download the software to read it on your Mac or PC.

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