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In the past I have posted something regarding every 500th post. The 500th post occurred in Jan 08 and the 1000th post in Jan 09 happened a year apart. Looks like I am slowing down the pace a bit since the last 500 took me a few more months to hit than in the past.

I thought about highlighting some posts but I think there is something more significant here than anything I have done. The one thing I am happiest about since the 1000th post is the addition of the Bible class archive and for those of you who have submitted your lessons into it. I just don’t feel like I can highlight this enough because I believe the good that comes from it in a practical sense may outweigh anything I can say here on this blog because it is a community effort.

355 Lessons
1150 pages of free Bible study material
31 different series

It is so important that we give back as we have all been blessed in so many ways. I have also been granted permission to put in several dozen series from several kind folks that I just haven’t gotten around to doing that will add at least 1000 more pages to the archive over the next several months.

Special thanks to the following contributors:

Thanks also to all of you who have made this a better blog through your comments. You are a blessing to me!

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