Todd Deaver Opens Up Dialog Concerning Conservative Churches of Christ and Fellowship

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There is a conversation going on that is unfolding before our eyes in a way that would have been unprecedented prior to the internet. Todd Deaver has recently self-published a book questioning how conservative churches have traditionally answered the question of who we can and cannot fellowship. I was first made aware of this book by John Dobbs and then noticed it again on Jay Guin’s blog “One in Jesus“. Now Todd has his own blog “Bridging the Grace Divide” where much of this conversation is taking place. Gil Yoder is doing a conservative critique of Deaver at his blog “Let Us Reason“.

I will post more on this later but for now you will have to check out what Todd, Gil, and Jay have posted at their blogs. I am glad to see that someone like Todd, who has grown up in conservative circles, is willing to step back and attempt to take an honest assessment of where it has landed and whether or not it is healthy. I am currently working through Todd’s book and will offer more thoughts here at a later date. I hope you will at least go to Todd’s blog to inform yourself more fully on the conversation that is taking place and maybe even buy his book. It is worth a read. You can order it by emailing Todd at The book is 9.99 + shipping. This would even be a good book to add to a church library to offer some balance to the books that are probably on the shelf in 99% of Church of Christ libraries.

I also want to say how much respect I have for Todd in his loving and careful approach. He is not out to attack anyone or be out to get anyone. He is also not afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked and point out inconsistencies where he sees them. That is a tough balance and so far from what I have read from Todd he has pulled it off.

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