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An Eccumenical Answer to Limited Classroom Space

December 15th, 2007 · No Comments · Church

Running short on classroom space on Sunday or Wednesday? Has anyone ever borrowed classroom space from a church that had space that was going unused?


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  • Trey Morgan

    Our young families class out grew their classroom when we went from 15 people to 40 + people on Sunday mornings, so we ran some folks out of the fellowship hall and moved up there.

    Does that count?

  • Frank

    Matt, through the years I’ve heard all kinds of stories about different faith groups using the same building: Seventh-Day Adventists and Jews use it on Saturday, a church uses it on Sunday, etc. I’ve never had an experience like that though.

  • greenup

    Similar to Frank’s information, I once attended a church, Beth Isreal, that met on saturdays and shared a building with a foursquare church that met on sundays.
    Beth Isreal styled themselves kindof like a “Messianic Jewish” congregation, but without the need to be Jewish. There was a lot of value to be gained from a closer look at Jewish perspectives, so long as you can avoid legalism. One great tradition I took away from that church was having a huge passover celebration. I’m still not sure about communion and whether “as often as you do this” is supposed to be yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or more; but I DO know that the extended walkthrough we do (usually) before Easter is eye-opening.

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