An Eccumenical Answer to Limited Classroom Space

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Running short on classroom space on Sunday or Wednesday? Has anyone ever borrowed classroom space from a church that had space that was going unused?

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  1. Our young families class out grew their classroom when we went from 15 people to 40 + people on Sunday mornings, so we ran some folks out of the fellowship hall and moved up there.

    Does that count?

  2. Matt, through the years I’ve heard all kinds of stories about different faith groups using the same building: Seventh-Day Adventists and Jews use it on Saturday, a church uses it on Sunday, etc. I’ve never had an experience like that though.

  3. Similar to Frank’s information, I once attended a church, Beth Isreal, that met on saturdays and shared a building with a foursquare church that met on sundays.
    Beth Isreal styled themselves kindof like a “Messianic Jewish” congregation, but without the need to be Jewish. There was a lot of value to be gained from a closer look at Jewish perspectives, so long as you can avoid legalism. One great tradition I took away from that church was having a huge passover celebration. I’m still not sure about communion and whether “as often as you do this” is supposed to be yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or more; but I DO know that the extended walkthrough we do (usually) before Easter is eye-opening.

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