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This 99th post is about something a little liter than the last one. I have been tagged by Mick Wright. If you have never visited his blog, it is a really good one. He has a great mix of politics and humor that is very insightful and informed. I am glad to be one of Mick’s cronies and look forward to see what he will accomplish in his lifetime. Anyhow, here goes…6 wierd things about myself:

1) I once broke my ankle in my sleep. All I know is I woke up and my ankle was broken.
2) I enjoy shooting and once had the local sherriff called on me for “automatic weapons fire.” I didn’t get in any trouble though.
3) In grad school I worked at a church, was a janitor, and a tutor all at the same time (although none of that occurred simultaneously).
4) I encountered less racism in North Alabama than in St. Louis when I moved in the 8th grade.
5) I enjoy combining Root Beer with 3 Musketeers – try it out. You won’t be disappointed.
6) I enjoy a sport that involves throwing small plastic discs at metal baskets 300-700 feet away. It is called disc golf and is a good free way to spend a few hours in nature with some friends. It is also a great outreach. I got a phone call from a previous Disc Golf world champion 2 months ago because he had found one of my discs and gave me a call. How often do you get to speak with the “champion of the world” in anything?

Let’s pass it on to Sarah Renoud, Philip Cunningham, Mark Adams, and Bob Bliss

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  1. That’s a great list. I like getting a little insight into who Matt Dabbs really is. 🙂 #1 is just plain crazy. #5 I can relate to. When I was growing up & going to camp every summer, I had 3 musketeers & a rootbeer at canteen, almost every day! I didn’t remember that until I read your list, but I guess I thought there was something pretty special about the combination too. I’ll have to try it again now. Hope you’ve had a good week! Now, have a good weekend!!

  2. Did you bed have hard wooden bed posts? You may have kicked one of the posts due to a dream you were having. The reason it didn’t wake you up is that our bodies have a way of immediately numbing the pain. That happened to me when I dislocated my elbow in high school during football practice.

    Question – in what way did you encounter racism? Do you directed at you or just in noticing it in general?

    Okay, I’ve been tagged. Look for my response soon.

  3. I didn’t proof read my question very well before I published my previous comment. The question is, “Was the racism directed at you or did you just notice it in general?”

  4. Racism directed toward others. The reason I believe there was less in Alabama than in St. Louis is because I actually lived just outside of St. Louis in a small town that only had one African-American family. It is easier to make fun of something you are ignorant of than something you are informed about.

  5. I once talked to a world series champ on the phone….but he didn’t call me I called him…and I have every idea catfish would ahve been just as happy had I not pestered him! Great thoughts brother!

  6. RC’s and Moon Pies but I have not ever combined Root Beer and 3 Musketeers … But I will and soon.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Bobby Valentine

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