The “Perfect Approach” Myth Will Keep You Stuck

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I am an analytical person. I like to tear things apart and put them back together and see what’s going on. This means I analyze things to death and can sometimes get stuck in the analysis.

We will never come up with anything even approximating the perfect approach without actually implementing something. Most of what we learn (really learn) will come through trial and error. What seems good on paper might be found lacking in practice.

At some point you have to settle for good enough and allow the process to be a work in progress. This will allow you to start.

We all know there is no perfect approach but what makes something effective is not that we fully understand it but that God is working and we are doing what we know to do (being faithful).

Here are a few things to help you get moving:

1 – Try something even if it doesn’t fully make sense. It will make more sense (either good or bad) as you try it. Then you will know what adjustments to make.

2 – You cannot foresee all the issues you are going to face when you implement. Those will only manifest when you get to work. You will run into unforeseen issues that you could have never predicted so don’t waste your time preparing for problems that will probably never happen. Trust that you will know what to do when problems arise and that God will help you.

3 – Don’t trust in your own power or ability and neglect reliance on the power of God. If God’s power is not in it, it isn’t going to work no matter how skilled you or are how good your plan is.

4 – Don’t do it alone. Every successful effort requires a team on some level. This will help you avoid burn out and will also bring skills into the process that you do not possess.

5 – Don’t be afraid to fail. Just make sure you fail forward not backward. Failure is how we grow. If you want to make sure you don’t grow, make sure you don’t fail.

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