Rejecting Christian Nationalism

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What has become more and more apparent over the last 10-20 years is that Christian nationalism is a massive gospel compromise that must be addressed. There are appropriate reactions and responses to blending the Christian faith with the nation…then there are overreactions as well.

One of the overreactions I have seen is that a lot of Christians have begun refusing to pray for the U.S.A. There are a variety of reasons for this (3 that come to mind for me) and caused me to go back to the scriptures to see what the Bible says about this. So I created a video to share my thoughts on this – the reasons people don’t pray for the USA, what the Bible says, a cautionary, and some practical advice at the end…see what you think!

Do you pray for the USA, if so what do you pray for?

If you don’t, why not?

2 Responses

  1. Yes, I pray for our nation. I pray that we may turn away from the evils that are so prevalent and that our leaders may be merciful and just in their policies. I also pray for their wisdom, but sadly they seldom accept the wisdom that is from God. Instead they want to “follow the science,” which is always changing since man’s knowledge is imperfect.

    I pray because God directs us to pray, even for the evil rulers. As Jeremiah said, “In the prosperity of the city where you live, you will prosper.” Also Paul and Peter asked much the same for peaceful quiet lives.

  2. I pray for the nation and its leaders. We have much to be thankful for here, and there is a big difference in what is spun and spewed on social media and when the cameras are on and what actually occurs.
    There is a time to follow the science and let the data drive the decisions.
    I am reminded of a rabbi’s prayer when asked if the people should/had to pray for the Tsar, who the village did not like. The rabbi said yes and prayed “O Lord, Please keep the Tsar far from our village. Amen”

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