Want to Make Disciples But Don’t Know Where to Start…Start Here with Some Free e-books

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There is a website I want to point you to because of the quality and proven effectiveness of their resources – Renew.org.

Renew is run by Bobby Harrington. Renew is dedicated to making disciples and they have produced a number of helpful resources. So many of us want to make disciples but just don’t know where to start. Some of these books are for sale on amazon but you can get free (samples on a couple of them but still very helpful) at the links below.

I am not just trying to pass along head knowledge to you. I am actively engaging these materials to put them into practice and I hope you will too.

Here are some of the free resources you can access through their website all in one place:

Discipleship downloads

Starting a Discipleship Group: Quick Start Guide (will have to give your name/email – worth it!). I hope everyone will download this and consider using it. It is where I am starting. More on this book later.

Becoming a Disciple Maker: The Pursuit of Level 5 Disciple Making (will have to give name and email – worth it!). This is an extremely important read that I will go into more detail on in another post. BTW – they won’t spam you like crazy if you give them your info. I am on their list.

Revisiting the Master Plan of Evangelism e-book (Coleman and Harrington). The Master Plan of Evangelism was the first book on discipling I ever read years ago and it really touched my heart. Bobby Harrington teams up with the original author Robert Coleman to give us helpful disciple making instruction.

Multipliers by Todd Wilson (president of Exponential Church planting). This is an outstanding book. I read it a few weeks ago and found it incredibly helpful in getting my head wrapped around what is going on in Christianity and how making disciples (and how very practically in the book, not just theory) can turn the church in North American around. Must read.

Discipleship That Fits e-book (I am about to read this. It is supposed to be excellent).

Discipleship is the Core Mission of the Church – I haven’t read this but will eventually. If you read this let us know what you think in the comments.

Various topics important to disciples of Jesus

Kingdom Unleashed by Jerry Trousdale and Glenn Sunshine. I just read this book. It is an amazing book that tracks disciple making movements. Inspiring! I just met Jerry this week – what a humble and wise man of God.

On Gender: What the Bible Says about men and women and why it matters

The Case for Faith (65 page e-book)

Untangling Addiction e-book

Marijuana and the Bible (62 page e-book)

Conviction and Civility (65 page e-book)

Baptism: What the Bible teachers e-book

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