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I had a dream Sunday night. It was exactly what I needed to understand. Not what I needed to know…what I needed to understand.

In my dream I was at my house with my family. There was a cat walking around. After a while the cat was bigger. Then it was bigger. All of a sudden it was a full size tiger walking around my house.

I was seized with fear. My family was in danger. I was in danger. Something had to be done.

I did the one thing I knew to do, I went to a gun safe and started doing the combination. I tried and tried and tried but the combination I knew wouldn’t open it.

Then I woke up.

I woke up to a day that had a meeting that would change my perspective on prayer, leadership and most importantly faith and decision making. I won’t get into all of that now but here is what was going on.

God was telling me that I was leaning into my own strength instead of Him and that it doesn’t work. The consequences can be huge. I was trying all the combinations I knew but nothing worked. This is how I have been operating for some time – doing things my way. Operating outside of faith rather than inside faith. I am speaking rather generally here but you get the idea.

There are things we are going to encounter – situations, people, decisions where we MUST rely on God 100% if we are going to make it through. We can try all the things we know but they aren’t going to work. They won’t be effective. We will only be effective when we turn to God.

How do you operate out of your own strength rather than trust God?

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  1. Fifty years ago I had a very strange dream about receiving money for the International Bible Correspondence School. When the unexpected events happened just as in the dream, I began to realize that the Lord was going to provide the needed funds for the ministry. And he did!

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