Praying 50 Times a Day

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It seems any good prayer plan has you setting aside three or four times a day to pray. Somehow this just never works out. What I have realized is that this is like telling me that I have to set aside three or four times a day to talk with Missy. I hope I talk with her more than three or four times a day! The same is true with God. An active and vibrant prayer life is not about the challenge of praying three or four set times a day. It is about praying to God fifty times a day. It is telling Him something you are thinking or feeling. It is a confession here, a recognition of His glory there and a praise that randomly comes to mind that is expressed in a quick prayer of adoration. These prayers aren’t lengthy. They are quick…almost like micro-praying. They don’t even have to end in “in Jesus’ name amen.” Jesus didn’t mean that when he told us to ask things in His name.

All of that to say, I am trying to pray 50 times a day without trying to pray 50 times a day and it is working out better than all of those attempts to pray three of four times for extended periods of time. Turns out that this way is actually more like a relationship than an obligation!

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  1. Thank you Matt! I have tried and faile many times to have special times to pray. But when I make god a conversation partner throughout the day, things seem to work better in every way

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