List of Reputable Relief Organizations in the Phlippines Following Typhoon Haiyan

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There are a lot of people looking for reputable relief organizations in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. This storm left an unbelievalbe amount of carnage and tragedy in its wake (this story nearly brought me to tears). The name and organization that I have heard repeatedly from a lot of people I respect is Peter Cariaga and his nonprofit ministry Shepherds Hill International. You can find their online giving form here –

Other organizations offering relief include:
Doctors without Borders (check the Philippine relief effort box)
Christian Relief Fund
Healing Hands International
Global Samaritan Resources

Also, if any of you know of other reputable nonprofits that are providing relief please put them in the comments below.

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  1. I’m not sure if Demar Elam and his crew are able to get to this region or not, but I’d trust him (or whoever he’d endorse). He has TONS of the locals in a position of being insiders on how/who to work with. The national news last night warned of how many of the shipments are being hijacked before reaching the area(s) in actual need. 🙁

  2. I received the following from Don Bone, former missionary in the Phillippines.

    “The *Nueces Canyon Church of Christ *has been extensively involved in the
    Lord’s work in the Phillippines for many years. We have boots on the ground
    right now. Brothers *Bob Buchanan, Ken Wilkey *and *Brian Garnett *and
    currently in the Philippines and are in touch with local brethren. We want
    to provide immediate and extended relief where possible. As lines of
    communication re-open reports are coming in and needs are being identified.

    “ALL funds received for *RELIEF* will go directly to helping the hurting.

    “Funds marked *Phillippine TYPHOON RELIEF *should be sent to the Nueces
    Canyon Church of Christ PO Box 263 Camp Wood, Texas 78833. Contact can be
    made with *Haldon Fry *(830) 278-3934 or *Brian Garnett *(830) 591-4743
    elders of the Nueces Canyon Church of Christ.

    “Include a return address and contact person so that we can report back on
    the relief work.”

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