The Blessing That is Ministry Transition

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I have been entirely blessed by our ministry transition from Florida to California and don’t even move until the end of the year. Having only ministered at two churches, I am not really experienced at making transitions. One of the things I have had to figure out is the appropriate rate of change in handing things over to others so that it is fast enough that they have time to work it out before we go but not so fast that it seems like we are jumping ship and leaving them in the dust.

All I can say is, over the last two months God has been at work. It is amazing to see the things that took seven years to get in place take shape to fill in the gap of our impending absence. As we slowly get out of the way there have been people waiting in the wings to fill in the gaps. There are people who weren’t even Christians 7 years ago who are ready to take up the slack. There are people who were baby Christians 7 years ago who are teaching and leading and inspiring others. I am truly grateful and humbled.

It is all very exciting to know that we left people prepared and that the wheels don’t fall off just because we are absent. Life goes on. Ministry still happens. God is faithful and continues to remind us that He has this all under control. Northwest is in a great position looking ahead and is filled with many talented people who are gifted in ministry. I am convinced that God is going to bless this place even more in our absence than in our presence because these people are ready and willing to do what needs to be done and God is going to use them to do things 10 times mightier than anything we have accomplished in our time here. Praise God for that!


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