Kirk Cameron’s Unstoppable Reminds Us What Duck Dynasty Has Already Proven

Americans are hungry for wholesome and biblical programming. I started to use the word “entertainment” but it is so much more than that. That is why this is significant. The paradigm is shifting from filthy to wholesome, meaningless to meaningful, and shallow to deep. People are longing for an experience of something bigger, something greater and something deeper. Many have finally realized that the black hole of mind-numbing, heart-callousing, and sinful entertainment the world shoves in our faces can’t meet the needs of our hearts. In walks Duck Dynasty and Kirk Cameron’s Unstoppable and the results are astounding.

Duck Dynasty has shattered cable rating records for these reasons. Kirk Cameron’s new movie Unstoppable is about God, the Bible and suffering. It had a one day showing that may have had the highest returns at the box office for that night. He spoke at the Pepperdine Lectures last year and gave some sneak previews of the film. You can listen to that presentation by downloading #5 here on itunes. To be perfectly honest, when I heard he was speaking I was a tiny bit skeptical of how it was going to go. After listening to him for an hour or so, I wish he had more time to speak. He was so transparent, so in touch with reality, and so engaging and honest that I was so grateful to get to listen to his talk.

Here is the trailer

Another show to be on the lookout for is Jen Hatmaker’s upcoming reality show on HGTV –

4 Responses to Kirk Cameron’s Unstoppable Reminds Us What Duck Dynasty Has Already Proven

  1. Neil says:

    You may already be aware of the Hatmakers having a new show coming to HGTV. But just in case here is a link

  2. I think you hit on it when you commented on Cameron’s transparency: that’s what draws people. That’s why people love DD so much. People seem surprised that this Christianity thing is not just for the (insert religious stereotype here).

    • Matt Dabbs says:

      Thanks for the comment Jennifer. Transparency and authenticity are so key as they dismantle so many of the stereotypes the world holds against Christians.

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