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As many of you already know a few of us have been working to get Wineskins back online in a completely new format. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Wineskins has a long history as a resource within the Restoration Movement/Churches of Christ. It has been run by everyone from Rubel Shelly to Mike Cope to Greg Taylor, and Keith Brenton. I am going to be taking on the role as editor of the site and it is something I am very excited about because I believer very deeply in the vision and potential of the site and the team. Wineskins has served an important role in the past by giving space for conversation on some of the most important issues facing our movement. Wineskins is being relaunched to be more interactive, host more resources, host some of the most popular blogs in the Churches of Christ and have more engaging conversation. We are going to pack it with numerous invaluable resources and make it a place to get equipped, connected and informed within the Restoration Movement.

Help Us Raise Funds
Over the past 20 days we have raised $2325 toward our $5000 goal thanks to many of you being so generous and catching the vision of what we are trying to do. Over the next three weeks we have a $1500 matching offer on the table for all the donations that come in. I am writing this post to encourage you to donate, if that is something that you would like to do, in order to get the site back as a truly valuable resource and influence for good for God’s kingdom. Thank you to all of those who have already donated. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. All of the money that is collected will go straight into developing the site, paying for equipment, server/hosting costs, etc. I think that is very important for you to know. All of the time that has gone into this has been completely volunteer to date. You can contribute by clicking the Wineskins Logo below.


If you have missed it, we have already announced a number of featured authors whose blogs will be hosted at Wineskins. You can find them on the right sidebar of this blog. Also, if you want to keep up with the latest announcements you can follow Wineskins on facebook until the site launches.

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