Our Ministry Transition to Bakersfield, California

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After spending the last seven years ministering at the Northwest Church of Christ in sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida we are going to be making a change in our ministry. We will be moving to the even sunnier Bakersfield, California at the first of the year. The church here at Northwest has been a huge blessing to us. They have loved on us, grown with us, and have partnered with us in so many different ministries and to so many different people. Northwest is a fantastic church and we will always have family here. Missy and I have talked about how we could have stayed here forever and been super comfortable and never had a worry…but that isn’t how life is always supposed to be lived. We asked God for challenge and for opportunity and he opened the door to preach at the Westside Church of Christ in Bakersfield, California.

Please keep us, Northwest and Westside in your prayers that God will use times like these for His glory. We know good things are in store for both churches and can’t wait to see all God is going to do. We have been reminded again and again of God’s faithfulness and goodness of God’s people. We are truly blessed!

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  1. Congratulations Matt. I know some members there and have visited there and feel it is a church with real opportunity for growth with good leadership. You will be a great asset to God’s work through them. God bless you!!

  2. Wow! You take the term “relocation” to new heights! Best of luck in your transition, but I have a bad back and I don’t have a pick-up, so I guess I won’t be of much help in loading or unloading. 🙂 Keep up the good work in Kingdom Living!

  3. Vacation destination when the boys are older – Joshua Tree Nat’l Monument – rock climbing and very rustic camping (bring your own water…no showers – leave Missy to hang with some girflriends!). take extra hotdogs to feed the coyotes at night. If you think you hear a rattlesnake – don’t keep looking just turn around and go the other way! We look forward to coming to visit already.

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