If You Could Learn Sermon Prep From Any Preacher Who Would It Be?

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If you could sit down with someone to glean some information on how they develop their sermons who would you pick? Feel free to name multiple people.

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  1. Just finished reading a book by Charles Swindoll titled “Saying it Well,” where he discusses his approach to sermon development. I found it very informative. I would love picking Randy Harris’s brain on his approach to sermon prep, as he finds a wonderful balance between humor, theological principles, application, and appeal to the heart.

    1. Mike, I love Randy’s preaching. Does it make any difference that he doesn’t preach at a congregation week in and week out…so that his prep process may be a little less usable for some? I do think it would be fascinating to hear and I think much wisdom and insight could be gleaned from his perspective maybe more than his actual process. I don’t know if that is the case but I do wonder.

  2. 1. Don McLaughlin (N. Atlanta). His sermons are so purposeful and well put together. His energy is fantastic. It’s like he never wastes words when preaching. Powerfully efficient.

    2. Orpheus Heyward (Atlanta) His gradual systematic progression when preaching is fantastic. Always (contextually) uses strategic amounts of scripture in his messages. Above all, his ability to edify congregations through his memorization/recitation of scripture during sermons is unmatched.

  3. Fred Craddock – From ’97-’01 I lived in Chatsworth, Georgia and once-twice a year an area church of Christ preacher would schedule a preachers’ workshop with Fred Craddock, an Emory University Homiletics professor. He was preaching at a small Christian Church just north of Ellijay, GA. He reminded me some of Burl Ives in appearance and was a master in the development of sermons and finding the right words to bring ideas to fruition…wished we could have met once a month instead once or twice a year.

  4. My first choice would be Jesus. My second choice would be a triumvirate: Peter, Paul, and John. Next, I would opt for men such as Patrick Mead (for a middle-aged example), Eric Brown (for a younger man), and Charles Hodge (for an older man).

    1. Thanks Jason. Have you seen the Piper sermon library on Logos? 20+ years of full manuscripts of his sermons fully searchable. Amazing resource, especially if you like Piper.

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