Asking for Your Patience

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A very good friend of mine told me he thought I had said too much about some really sensitive topics regarding the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Abortion and Gun control. As I reflected on his comments and took a little inventory a few thoughts came to mind that I think are worth sharing and reflecting on. First, this past week things hit close to home. A day before the Sandy Hook shooting, our neighbor killed her boyfriend by stabbing him to death. While we made a few attempts to get to know them it never worked out…so it wasn’t deeply personal (like losing a close friend or loved one) but it hit close to home. What I took away from that event was that we have to be more connected as a community. Follow that up the very next day with what happened in Connecticut and last week was an eye opening week for me, as it was for the rest of our nation as well.

So I got a little worked up last week and I said some things that were pretty matter of fact. Some people probably got offended by that. I believe what I have said is accurate and true or else I wouldn’t have said it. I don’t apologize for the message. But if my attitude and tone have been wrong and I have (what I sincerely believe to be) truthful things in an unloving or disrespectful way then as Paul would say I am just as good as a clanging gong or resounding symbol…those things produce nothing.

I want all of you to know the purposes of several posts here on the blog and on facebook is not to create enemies or to push people around or strong arm people. The goal is to speak the truth (hopefully in love). If some get offended at the truth (it happens…even to me sometimes, right?), that cannot be avoided. If some are going to get offended because I didn’t communicate with a loving attitude toward those I disagree with then that is on me. If that has happened I apologize. Last, I want you to know that I really am listening. I have certainly made up my mind on some things but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to those I disagree with. I love you all and want you to know that I respect you and hopefully we can continue to have respectful, loving and productive dialog on this blog. This is where I am coming from in all of this and I want you all to know that.Be

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