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I often get myself all in a mess because I get this idea in my head that my blessings are dependent upon whether or not I feel they are present. If things are going well and I feel blessed then I am prone to think about how blessed I am. If things aren’t going well and I don’t really feel it, then it is easy to miss out on all the good things that God and others are doing in your life.

Whether we know it or not, as Christians we are blessed beyond our own feelings and even our own understanding of the blessings we have. If you fit any of the beattitudes, you are blessed (Matt 5:1-11). If you are in Christ, God has given you all spiritual blessing (Ephesians 1:3). We are blessed by our Father with eternal life (Matt 25:34). We are blessed if we remain faithful to Christ (Luke 7:23). We are blessed when we take care of people who are outcasts from society (Luke 14:13-14). Do you know the very last act of Christ before ascending into heaven? I wouldn’t have come up with this one but I am sure you get it by now…Jesus blessed his disciples (Luke 24:51).

It is important to remember that our level of blessing is not dictated by our feelings. Our level of blessing comes down to the God who loves us, provides for us, and blesses us every day in more ways than we even know. So know that you are blessed because God loves you and God made you special and don’t let your feelings define your worth because feelings are deceiving but God and the blessings he has put in your life never deceive us.

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