Discipling Is New The Hot Topic

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Discipleship is all the talk now. If you have a method of discipling people that works, people want to know about it. They want to know what it looks like, how it works, etc. It is the Hot Topic in Christianity because we have now realized how important it is but don’t have a clue how to do it. So people are looking for answers.

The great news is, Jesus showed us how it is done. The problem is, we have looked to Jesus for the wrong agenda…to prove our points, win battles, etc rather than to actually be discipled by him and learn his ways. If we look to the Gospels to find out how God has made disciples in the past, personally submit to Jesus being our Lord in ways that run deeper than doctrine, and then use those same methods to reach others we will find that we don’t need the latest book or the latest conference or seminar to make disciples. It was all there in front of us the whole time…we were just reading it all wrong.

Time to read Jesus as a follower, not as a leader. Too often our leaders read Jesus to learn how to lead. Makes sense, right? Before you can lead you have to learn how to follow. Jesus showed us that over and over as he kept saying it wasn’t about bringing glory to himself but about bringing glory to God through obedience to his Father. In other words, Jesus was following God first and foremost and through following God’s lead, Jesus was a leader. Too often we try to lead first without following Jesus. Ok…you get the point!

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