Q & A on “Church Steps” Outreach (Part 2)

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Here are some questions a friend of mine asked about how to implement “Church Steps” at the congregation he ministers at. These questions were from those in the congregation who are interested in implementing this approach:

Question: Do they use a questionnaire to find out what people are willing to do?

Answer: We introduced Church Steps to the congregation through a big combo class that introduced all of this and at the end we had signups for all the steps and for the class. From those signups I created 7 email lists: All who signed up, just the class, and one for each of the five steps. I use the emails for each steps as needs arise that aren’t met in the class. I use the class email list every single week to remind people what is happening and to come. I rarely use the email list of all those who signed up.

Question: Does one person (member) stay with a person from start to finish or do they move along with different people at the different steps?

Answer: This depends on where the person is in the process. If someone comes and is ready to study from the beginning, we get someone with them to study and that person would help guide them through from study, baptism, to integrate/involvement. If a person has just come for the first time, we are going to have several people via the Wed night class contact them over a number of weeks to try to see what clicks and so that they feel welcome. Sometimes in Step 2 a connection is formed and the person who establishes that wants to continue on with any future needs of that person. We welcome that. Hope that makes sense.

Question: [Paraphrasing his point/question]: What do you do about being mindful of gender…(for instance, sending women to reach out to women)?

Answer: The gender thing – we are very much aware of that when asking who is going to take a particular person and contact/connect with them. I have ladies contact ladies and will ask “Which one of you ladies wants to take “Sarah Smith”?

Additional thought on implementing Church Steps in a congregation: The important thing here is that this is a framework that you can take an innovate to fit the congregation there with your particular set of talents and strengths. I don’t say that to try to avoid your question but to say that there are some things that you will figure out as you go along the way. As others have said before, sometimes we freeze up because we want to see it all and have every answer before we start. Some answers won’t come until you start. Hope that makes sense!

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