Bruce McLarty is Harding’s New President

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I just saw mention of Bruce McLarty being Harding’s new president. Thanks to Dr. Burks for the two decades of dedicated service. He will be a tough act to follow. Dr. McLarty will do an excellent job.

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  1. Once again, Harding’s new president comes from within the Harding family and staff. That makes for good continuity of the Harding ethos and maintaining the principles that made Harding a little bit of “Heaven on Earth” to me when I was there.

  2. Was sad to read Rich Little’s criticism of McLarty’s selection. Sad but not surprised however. Sour grapes from the progressive wing that there “guy” wasn’t chosen (i.e., Monte Cox). Some of us don’t want to see Harding become just like Abilene:) I personally applaud the appointment of Bruce’s appointment and think he will continue Harding’s legacy of faithfulness to Christ, His Word and the restortation principles and a commitment to the churches of Christ.

  3. Anyway, just a disappointing article in my opinion by Rich. I don’t think his intentions are to undermine or discredit Bruce’s new appointment, but that’s exactly what he is doing. This will do nothing to rally unity and support around Bruce’s leadership but will only further contribute and pit one side verses the other (moderate conservatives vs. progressives) mindset and create more alienation at a time when the school and Bruce need it th least. The unity and cause of Christ and the excellent mission of Harding was not helped by this article.

    1. Thanks for your input. I know Rich Little and Bruce McLarty and have a lot of respect for both of them. We can speculate all we like as to whether or not this was the right choice all day long but now that it is the choice, we pray about it, support it, and continue to give voice to any concerns we have in loving and respectful ways. I don’t see how McLarty will be a destructive force moving forward in any way, shape or form. He has a heart for God. He is able to organize/administrate and bring people together. No matter who you choose, there will always be people who think you made the wrong decision but once the decision is made you work with it.

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