Getting Past the Vision-Cast by Ryan Stigile

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Ryan Stigile wrote a great piece for Tony Morgan’s site a few months ago titled “Getting Past the Vision-cast“. I just stumbled on it today through a tweet by Tony Morgan. It is worth a read. Some of the “to do’s” may not fit your context but the principles are excellent. The gist of it is this, some congregations/leaders are good at casting a vision but it takes a lot of work to help people actually see how to embrace it.

This article made me think about Jesus and what we can learn from him in this. Jesus didn’t just talk about the kingdom of God and then at the end of his ministry kind of throw together something to make it all make sense (kind of like the last episode of “Lost”). Jesus knew where it was all headed. He knew what it was going to look like so he knew exactly how he needed to train his people and what they would need for the road ahead. When Jesus preached so many times about the kingdom of God, he was vision casting. When you see Jesus ministering to others and leaving his disciples to minister in his absence in specific ways he told them about and blazed the trail to and through you see Jesus’ implementing the vision and helping them catch it and carry it out. Lots of people have opinions on where we should go but few know how to get there.

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  1. So it really comes down to walking the walk instead of talking the talk. Until we do more than “talk” a good game, we will never be effective – in business, politics, or spiritual matters. I once heard someone (I believe it was Jim Woodroof) observe, “Jesus was the only person who ever lived whose actions completely measured up to His words.” The more like Him we are, the better and more effective we will be.

  2. “Lots of people have opinions on where we should go but few know how to get there.” Dare I say even few are willing to take us there or go with us when it’s time to go. An idea is good but a demonstration is better.

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