6% of Teens Check Email Daily

I was just talking with our youth minister and he told me that a ridiculously small percent of teens check email on a regular basis. I went to find out what the stat is and according to an article at cnet only 6% of teens check email on a daily basis. The communication tool of choice is texting (63% do that daily). This is a really important “aha” for me because in ministry communication is so important. You have to learn how to adapt. I have been so used to using email and facebook that it is easy to think that is where everyone else is as well. You can’t reach a generation if they aren’t getting your attempts to communicate with them!

Have a look at the breakdown of how young people are communicating. It is eye opening for sure and is going to impact the way I communicate in the future.

5 Responses to 6% of Teens Check Email Daily

  1. Andrew Patrick says:

    It is difficult to talk about NEthing w/ meaning when u r limited 2 N 86char txtmsg. 😕

  2. Barb A. says:

    If the word of God were handed down through text messages what would it look like?

  3. Chris Gagner says:

    They’re more likely to talk on a LANDLINE than use email?? Who even has a landline anymore.

  4. stephenp46 says:

    Forget about texting, just teach them to pray for each other with Christ, this is an in touch love and caring that goes far beyond any Internet . What they gonna do when the Internet goes down?

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