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Over the last few months we have been implementing a ministry to encourage evangelism among our members. It has really been working well and we have had a ton of positive feedback and success. There are still a few pieces that I am figuring out but I have noticed that the more I work at it the more the answers to our questions become clear. Sometimes we fear trying something new unless we think we have it all figured out. What I have learned from this process is that as much as I want to figure it all out in advance and create the perfect ministry at the start and then do it, rarely does it work that way. You rarely know step #10 until you take 8 or 9 steps. So here is what I have learned in all of this – just take the first step. Just do it. Start walking down the path and answers will come, the ministry will improve, questions will get answered. Too many good things never happen because we were waiting for it to all line up completely first. Often answers only come through experience and programs only improve through seeing both success and failure.

For us, the next step is working on discipling. I don’t have the perfect plan yet and probably never will (well, except following the Jesus’ model of discipling) but it is time to get to work anyway and take that first step. What are some things you have been wanting to dive into but haven’t for fear of not having the perfect plan in place?

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  1. What value are you finding from the 3DM material re:discipleship? I’m eating it up, especially Building a Discipling Culture. 3DM has been huddling me for about 18 months and I’m starting a second round of huddles in Storyline this fall. (Huddle is their discipleship vehicle.) Will probably start a second Google+ huddle with ministers interested in learning the tools in January. If that seems like something you’d be interested in, let me know…if not, no worries.

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