Why Mormonism is Not Christianity – Ben Witherington

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Have a read – Why Mormonism is Not Christianity

It is a really good read but if you don’t have the time the thumbnail sketch. It all boils down to trinity of “ologies”: theology, Christology, and soteriology. According to Dr. Witherington, the differences are significant enough to question whether we would consider them Christians as defined by the New Testament.

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  1. I first came into contact with real Mormonism when I was in New Zealand, though I had studied it some in a class on Modern Religious Cults under James Bales at Harding. Witherington is right in saying that the God and the Christ whom Mormons worship is not the same as the Christian Godhead, though many of the words they use sound “orthodox.” As you get into their thinking a little deeper than the nice young men at the door, you quickly see they have a very materialistic view of deity.

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