Back from Fort Walton

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Missy and I are back from Fort Walton where we were visiting her brother Chris. I had the opportunity to speak at the Niceville Church of Christ’s Wednesday night summer series. It was nice to get to meet Joe Palmer and many other great people in Niceville. They did something there that I haven’t seen done in a while but is something I grew up with. I am talking about the mini-worship service on Wednesday night that everyone attends in addition to Bible class. We don’t do that at Northwest but I did see some value in it that I didn’t realize back when I was younger. On Sunday morning it is really hard to get people to pay attention to announcements. Often people are milling around and it is hard for people to hear when you start announcing things at the beginning of service. But on Wednesday night people are really keyed in and able to listen. They announced prayer needs, relevant congregational information, etc. It left me wondering how many other churches still do this on Wednesday night. Do any of you attend a church that still has that format?

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  1. It must be wonderful to be young! We used to call it prayer meeting: back in the early history they called it “stay home and rest.”

    Meeting together has some semblance of the meaning of ekklesia and “unity.” It also encourages attendance whereas going directly to separated classes makes it easier to play hooky. Classes often degenerate into “meeting my needs” while meeting together at least allows some Biblical–we hope–emphasis. As noted, it also allows the elders to be in contact a little better.

    “Prayer meetings” probably worked better before radio, TV and computers

  2. Just a suggestion.. we have announcements after the first set of songs. Works well. 2 songs, then announcements, then mingle time for greeting people then offertory song…

    1. Why the writings of the church fathers, of course – David Lipscomb, J.W. McGarvey, Foy Wallace, Jr. and their ilk.

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