Lesson on Heaven by A Two Year Old

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Jonah is one of the greatest theologians I know. I am talking about my two year old, not the prophet in the Old Testament. This morning I was getting him dressed to attend Bible class and the worship assembly (my attempt to stop calling that hour on Sunday “church”) and he asked if he was going to his Uncle Chris’ house. I told him he wasn’t but that we would be going there soon. He really wanted to go to Uncle Chris’ house and was pretty persistent. The funny thing is he has never been there. He has no idea what it is like or how nice things are there. Jonah just knows that Uncle Chris is there and that is enough for him. I think it is easy to get too caught up in all the details of Revelation 21 on the streets of gold and the gates of pearl when the only thing that really matters is that God is there. We aren’t going to get the perfect description of heaven and like Jonah that really shouldn’t matter because our God is there and all the rest are just details.

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  1. Several years ago I preached a sermon on why I want to go to heaven. I started with the saints I know who are there and got progressively more important things. The climax was that Jesus is there, and I’ll get to see Him. Bravo, Jonah!

    BTW, yesterday when you were talking about Jacob meeting Esau, at first I thought Missy might be having #3….

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