Pepperdine 2011

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I was blessed to be able to attend the Pepperdine Bible Lectures last week. Jerry Rushford organized an amazing lectureship where God was certainly glorified. The only thing more beautiful than the scenery was the people. I cannot tell you how many amazing people were there and how many of them encouraged me through the classes and conversations. It was great catching up with so many and meeting so many others. Thanks to everyone who supported our class on ministering to 20s & 30s. I hope it was a blessing to many. Also, I was amazed at how many young guys were speaking out there. It really gives a sense of hope to see God using people young and old to advance His kingdom.

I probably shouldn’t start mentioning names as there were so many who encouraged me this past week but I guess I will anyway. There were three men who really helped me out this week, one young and two slightly past being young: Josh Graves, Randy Harris and Mike Cope. Josh Graves had a tremendous keynote and classes. I had never met Josh and was greatly blessed by how God used him this past week. His sermon on the mount material was accurate and applicable. Randy’s insights and delivery are always great. I was blessed by his classes, his panel discussions, and his new book Soul Work. I would encourage all of you guys to read this book. I read it on the plane on the way back and I think I am going to read it again. He talks a lot about what he learned from his time with hermits…exciting stuff for sure! The two biggest blessings in this book for me were his writing on humility and contemplative prayer. Mike Cope’s final class about what he learned from raising his daughter Megan nearly brought me to tears. I just didn’t see it coming. His class  was like an emotional ambush, in a good way. I am going to have to get a copy of his new book too.

If you haven’t ever been to Pepperdine I would encourage you to make the trip next year!

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    1. Hey Bobby,

      It was great meeting you! I was really impressed with your class. You did something that I really haven’t seen anyone else do well. You presented material that seemed kind of distant (in time, culture, etc) and by the end of the class you had made application and brought in relevance that kind of blind-sided me in a good way. I haven’t really seen anyone do “church history” or Restoration history with that effect. There was something for everyone (all levels of maturity and knowledge of Restoration history) and that makes for a really, really good class.Thanks for blessing me.

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