Handout – Where are all the 20 & 30 Somethings? Pepperdine 2011

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In case we run out of copies or people don’t get one, here are the handouts for our 2 sessions at Pepperdine this week.

Download the handouts here

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    1. Thanks Lane…it was really nice meeting you! Thanks for the encouragement. Hope you got home safe and sound.

      God bless

  1. so, you are taking surveys so you might market Christ to meet these people’s felt needs? I wonder if Christ took a survey? Itchy ears?

    Do they have these lectureships on audio? If so , could you provide the link?

    My nephew by marriage is a professor of christian history at OCU, he often speaks at Pepperdine but I believe he’s leaving this week – do they have a “scholars convention “?? I kinda know Darryl Tippens, I roomed with his sister at OCU. We still keep in touch. I know lots of people in the CoC. My history is interwoven with the CoC and some of it’s universities.

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