Elijah Is Four Months Old Today!

It was four months ago today that Elijah entered our lives. Things have never been the same. He has brought us so much joy, laughter and hope. He is a bundle of energy, smiles, and sweet little laughs. Jonah could not be a better big brother and we are blessed to be in a situation where they get along, so far. I am sure challenges will come and there will be some really tough times but I am blessed to know that the four of us will go through them together and that we will not be alone…God is with us. So Elijah…thanks for a great four months. I look forward to the next fifty years!

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  1. Jerry Starling says:

    Our first child changed our lives dramatically. The second one changed things – but not quite as much. By the time the third came along, she was absorbed into the family routine with barely a ripple.

    Each one, however, adds its own joys and sorrows to our lives! May God continue to bless you and all of yours!

  2. Ken Sublett says:

    After three girls and 4 grandchildren I hate to be negative but the next words you hear from Elijah is “Kin i have u driver’s lisen?”

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