Elijah Is Four Months Old Today!

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It was four months ago today that Elijah entered our lives. Things have never been the same. He has brought us so much joy, laughter and hope. He is a bundle of energy, smiles, and sweet little laughs. Jonah could not be a better big brother and we are blessed to be in a situation where they get along, so far. I am sure challenges will come and there will be some really tough times but I am blessed to know that the four of us will go through them together and that we will not be alone…God is with us. So Elijah…thanks for a great four months. I look forward to the next fifty years!

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  1. Our first child changed our lives dramatically. The second one changed things – but not quite as much. By the time the third came along, she was absorbed into the family routine with barely a ripple.

    Each one, however, adds its own joys and sorrows to our lives! May God continue to bless you and all of yours!

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