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I am a stats guy. I love numbers. Statistics tell us that you probably don’t love numbers…but I want to share this anyway. Since this blog went from Blogger to WordPress in 2007 there have been approximately 25,000 Small group lessons downloaded from either the Small Group Lessons page or the Bible Class Archive. There have been more downloaded from our church website but I can’t tell specifically which pdf’s are this material or other pdf’s we post so I can’t really count those numbers in although I would expect out of the 25,000+ pdf downloads our church site has had over the last several years that a decent percentage of those are small group lessons.

This number is way more important than the site stats because it means these lessons are getting used. It also means, for those of you who have posted lessons here, your material is getting used! I am also blown away when I get emails from people all over the place who are using this material and they just wanted to say thank you for making it available free of charge. This encourages me to post more and more lessons here for people to use and hopefully lives to be changed! So thanks to all of you who have downloaded any of these lessons.

Here is an update on the free lessons in the Bible class archive.

  • 440 lessons
  • 1395 pages
  • 40 different lesson series

Keep them coming and I will keep posting my lessons as different series complete.

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