Gulfcoast Getaway 2011 Recap

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Gulfcoast Getaway was another great experience. Randy Harris did an excellent job talking about living cruciform (cross shaped) lives and doing so in light of the resurrection. He said that people want the life (resurrection) but not the death (crucifixion) but as Christians we are to embrace both. On Sunday morning he said that we are dead to the world so what can the world do to us? What do we have to fear? He said we are all an army of Christian zombies. Now that is an interesting mental picture! You know how fearless zombies are because what can you really do to them? Imagine if the church really lived fearlessly. What could we accomplish for the kingdom of God? In Harris’ class he pointed out that many churches have lost their wonderment and imagination and what is causing a lot of young people difficulty in the church is their inability to express themselves in biblically valid ways because of the barriers of tradition. He also pointed out that our young people have passion but not many have discipline and that God wants both. I think he is right on track.

Last, I am curious to get your feedback on this video that was shown at the Getaway. It is by the Michael Gungor band and is called “God is not a white man” See what you think…

My feeling on this video is that it is combating some old popular notions and makes some valid points. But in doing so it almost makes God out to be a fairy Godfather who gives kids candy and has reduced himself to doing merely whimsical things. I understand that this is a pendulum swing where they are going to one extreme to combat the view of the other extreme so I can take all those parts (candy on the plate, flying squirrel, etc) with a grain of salt. This video certainly strikes a chord with young people today.

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